No New Coal Power

Coal buring is the single biggest contributor to climate change. Coal burning also damages our air and water, and health.

Eighty-five percent of Australia's energy is generated from coal-fired power stations. The power plants are responsible for over 170 million tonnes of greenhouse pollution each year. This is over a third of Australia's total greenhouse emissions.

That's the same as the emissions from 40 million cars. No wonder Australians are among the highest per capita emitters of greenhouse pollution in the world.

The Dirty 11

State and Federal governments are hell-bent on cementing our dependence on coal into the future, with 11 new coal (or gas) fired power stations planned for construction within the next decade. If we are going to truly address climate change we must start by moving away from coal and towards renewables.

See for more a comprehensive analysis of how we can create baseload power with renewable energy right here in Australia.

This week visit a Lush store to sign Rising Tide's petition about stopping new coal fired power stations in Australia. All proceeds from the Rising Tide soap will be used in the fight against the expansion of the dirty coal industry, including 2 Rising Tide court cases against proposals to increase Australia's biggest coal fired power station, Bayswater. 

Email Climate Change Minister Greg Combet to tell him to ban new coal fired power stations at 

Or use this link to email Prime Minister Julia Gilliard to tell her to move away from coal toward renewable energy 

Climate activists shut down Hunter River dredging

Protesters in kayaks today disrupted one of the largest dredging operations in the world, and the expansion of the world's biggest coal port in Newcastle.

Thirteen water-borne protesters paddled into the way of dredging machines in the South Arm of the Hunter River, calling on both State and Federal Governments to place the interests of the environment and the broader community ahead of coal corporations.

Dredging operations at the site ground to a halt for over an hour due to the protest. Water Police eventually moved all protesters out of the area without charge.

Make a submission right now

The Federal Government's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS -- or "crap arse") is currently on public exhbition for a limited time only! 

Rising Tide has made it remarkably easy for you to make a submission to this process. Follow this link and fill out the webform to make a submission to not one but TWO public exhibition periods.  

The more conscientious should write longer submissions one for each process and send  them in yourself.

Report back - coal port blockade

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